Ylumi Familie Schriftzug
Zitat Adaptogene Vitalpilze

YLUMI was founded in 2017 by the siblings Amely and Benjamin Kuchenbäcker. YLUMI derived from an own search for a product that pursues a holistic approach for body, soul and mind that meets the highest quality standards and can easily be integrated into everyday's live.

Amely Kuchenbäcker:

"By the age of 26 I suffered from major health problems, I consulted many doctors and had to take strong medication but it didn't really help. My mother, doctor herself, eventually took me to a specialist in traditional chinese medicine. Thanks to the effects of acupuncture and especially herbal blends, I soon felt much better. Fascinated by the holistic approach of TCM, I began to read and learn more about chinese herbalism. I was looking intensively for a herbal product made from approved herbs and vital mushrooms that I could easy integrate into my daily routine and at the same time provides positive effects on my organism and body. I found all kinds of offers on asian herbs in the internet - but without any reliable source or information about the quality standards of the ingredients and I did not want to expose my body to any harmful substances. Therefore I started to check german manufactures and producers of approved dietary supplements who are familiar and specialised in traditional herbalism. Finally, they supported me on my way to create my own products - 100% vegan, approved and tested, free of soy, gluten, pesticides or heavy metals."  

The family plays an important role at YLUMI, second driving force behind YLUMI is Amely’s brother Ben:

Benjamin Kuchenbäcker:

"I have been working in the beauty- and fashion industry for many yeas, therefore I am dealing with beauty and lifestyle on a daily basis. Stress is part of the business, as well as lack of sleep. I have been enthusiastic about the idea of creating products that offer a gentle alternative, support regular sleep while at the same time have a positive effect on body and appearance right from the beginning.“

This conviction, to do good with the power of nature and to develop our own sustainable recipes led to YLUMI. We believe that only when the connection between body and soul is in balance, a person can really shine from within. In order to shine externally, we need to take care of both, body and soul and this is exactly where YLUMI comes in:

"We are grateful for every day and the opportunities that have been given to us in this world. YLUMI is our family – a community that is constantly growing and is always happy about exchange and feedback.“

Schrift Ylumi family

YLUMI derived from the word „illuminate“ – to both shine in a spiritual and physical way. YLUMI wants to support all the facets of the individual self - the "me“ – and let it shine from the inside and outside as well as accompanies anyone on the journey to find inner balance. 

Furthermore, Yin and Yang from chinese philosophy plays an important role, which is being reflected through our capital "Y“:

According to the chinese philosophy everything in the world has two sides (positive and negative) which are constantly changing. Yang is the active, impulse-giving principle and is specified as the male, representing sun, day, light and movement. Yin embodies the inward passive energy and is considered as the female representing night, darkness and silence. Only when Yin and Yang is balanced, we can experience real happiness and well-being. This balance of opposites is resembled by the well-known symbol of Yin and Yang.

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