Janna Scharfenberg

“Not only do I personally like to use YLUMI, but also recommend it to my clients. The products are composed with a lot of expert knowledge as well as love for details, therefore the formulas not only have a great effect but are also a great complement for a simple, healthy life."

(Dr. Janna Scharfenberg, practicing doctor, ayurveda expert, nutrition and health coach, yoga teacher, TCM coach)

 Lisa Scharff Make-up Artist

Lisa Scharff

"Inner beauty as well as health are essential for me to glow from inside out. As a natural beauty coach, a holistic approach is extremely important to me, which I also like recommending to my clients. In my opinion, Ylumi achieved to acomplish that mission - adaptogens and vital mushrooms are only the next step to do good to yourself and to support your body.”

(Lisa Scharff, organic Make-Up artist)

Tina Reimer

"For me, naturalness and well-being are fundamental components for a happy life. As a Life & Natural Health Coach I work among other things with the ancient wisdom of traditional chinese medicine.

The effects of the herbs, spices and healthy food in the integral context of human beings, the nature, our organs and the emotions, fascinates me every day.

YLUMI really achieved to combine and support all of this wonderfully in their products and philosophy: traditional and valuable plant-based knowledge combined with design, aesthetics and young dynamics. GREAT JOB!"

(Tina Reimer, TCM coach)

Tina Reimer TCM Coach
Vivianne Ansuhenne Akupunktur

Vivianne Ansuhenne

"As a professional TCM expert I enjoy recommending Ylumi to my patients. Medicinal herbs in combination with vital mushrooms are an effective mixture to regulate and energize the organism. The adaptogens contained in each Ylumi blend can be a stable support for our human organism in our daily life routine.

I was particularly impressed by the Purify Sparkle. Every morning I add a spoon in my smoothie, enriched with an apple, a piece of ginger, a handful of spinach or kale and coconut milk."

(Vivianna Ansuhenne, acupuncture, chinese medicine (TCM) & aesthetics)

Sabine Birnbrich

"The ancient wisdom of the traditional chinese medicine (TCM) is over 1000 years old and a very successful and experienced medicine. The focus lies on identifying the cause instead of fighting the symptoms. Herbal medicine (phytotherapy) is regarded as the supreme discipline here.”

(Sabine Birnbrich, nedical practice for chinese medicine and coaching)

Sabine Birnbrich Chinesische Medizin
Janine Rietdorf Heilpraktikerin

Janine Rietdorf

"A balanced diet has an enormous effect on health and well-being. While dietary supplements never replace a wholesome diet and healthy lifestyle, they can help to balance out imbalances. Ylumi has convinced me through the use of highest quality and the explicit use of traditional knowledge. With their products, YLUMI has created mixtures that transfer a century-old knowledge of chinese herbalism to the needs of today's life."

(Janine Rietdorf, AMIVITA® natural health professional (Psych.), nutrition coach & yoga teacher)

Britta Cierniak

"I have been taking the Purify Sparkle daily for 4 weeks now: during the first week, my morning heaviness completely disappeared. This can be experienced when one's own centre is exhausted, a state in which you think nothing works without the first coffee. This state has completely disappeared. Instead, I already felt fresh, driven and in a good morning mood.

After 2 weeks someone had asked me if I had been on holidays because I looked so recovered. Really?! I had the same daily requirements as always and no holidays. After 3 weeks, the inflammation on my thumb, which I had been suffering on for months, disappeared. After 4 weeks: I surprisingly lost 2kg, although I didn't change anything in my nutrition.

Due to my job, which I have been practicing for over 20 years, I am familiar with the effects of the used ingredients. What I appreciate about the concept of the YLUMI products is the combination of traditional chinese medicine with traditional western herbal medicine. Also, I really do appreciate the quality of the product, which has become indispensable nowadays."

(Britta Cierniak, homeopathy and acupuncture practice)

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