Health is precious, it is our most valuable asset.

The holistic orientation of traditional chinese herbalism (TCM) is the foundation of YLUMI. The herbology is based on an ancient independent healing system. The main goal is to harmonise imbalances: The holistic concept of TCM consists of five columns - from acupuncture, nutritional science, herbal therapy, manual therapy to life-care. 

Yin and Yang create the foundation, a pair of contrary forces that interrelate to one another at the same time: Yang represents the active, warm, the light sky and the sun, while Yin describes the shaded and soft, the night, earth and moon. Yin and Yang are in an ongoing transformation that balances and influences Qi, the active life energy in our body together with its antipole Xue, our blood as the carrier for energy. Without Xue no life energy can flow, therefor the two elements are necessary to maintain the system, our body, in a natural flow and exchange.

However, chinese herbal therapy also plays a major role: for more than 2000 years, traditional chinese medicine has been using mushrooms and herbs as nutrition as well as for healing. It has been classified according to taste, temperature behaviour, place of action and direction of action. The beneficial effects of each individual herbs derived from this classification.

People and health

TCM identifies the human being as an energetic structure: humans have individual possibilities to react on environmental influences to which they are being exposed to. All human phenomena corresponding to a phase of change create a so-called functional circuit. There are five of them in total, capturing one’s current state.

For YLUMI, our highest priority is to achieve well-being and satisfaction for our customers. Therefor all of our products are produced in Germany by a team of experts, consisting of TCM specialists and natural scientists, with an extensive know-how as well as many years of practical therapeutic experience.

YLUMI formulas are not medications though, they do not replace a treatment by a doctor.

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